Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guitar Guru- Intro

  Guitar Guru is a page dedicated to teaching.   It will include all kinds and methods of guitar instruction.   You will see pages of explanation of technique, charts and diagrams, guitar TAB exercises and songs, and eventually videos.

  The title of this page is not to infer or insinuate that your instructor (or any other instructor) is a master guitarist or guitar teacher.  It-- like all of the other page titles on this website-- is just a catchy phrase.  It intends the meaning of helping you to learn the guitar.  

  It assumes that your teacher has something to share or teach, but not that this instructor knows it all;  quite the contrary, we all are in a constant process of learning and discovering together.  You may very well teach me something as we go along.  Many students have done that in the past.  I always am looking for new ways of doing things, new techniques, anything that is better than what's already been tried or done before.  You are a part of that experience.

  Ok--get ready to learn together-- let's get started-- enjoy the ride!